Our Mission

We work hard to make Apartments In Town the World’s leading serviced apartment company by offering not only high-quality housing solutions but by offering the very best customer Service. Our Mission: to create and provide a home away from home through our specialist knowledge – One person, One Suitcase and one Apartment at a time. We are committed to continuously improving our operations and enhancing our customer experience.

Our Values

The six core values that guide the behaviours of Apartments In Town employees around the world.
At Apartments In Town, how we work is just as important as what service / Solution we provide. We are guided by a set of six values. Customer focus, integrity, respect, creativity, reliability and teamwork. These values shape the DNA of our business, reflecting the unique blend of qualities found in every member of our global family.

Customer Focus:

Customer focus is deeply embedded into our mindset, driving us to deliver on time, on cost and on quality. We partner with our customers to satisfy their needs and deliver benefits through valuable and sustainable solutions. We understand that each of us has an impact on customer relations through the work we do, which is why we always act with integrity and to the highest professional standards.


We work with integrity, choosing to speak up when our principles for ethical conduct are not respected. Our zero tolerance on unethical and non-compliant actions enables us to move forward with positivity and care. We act as ambassadors for the company, representing the integrity of Apartments In town.


Respect guides us in our daily interactions. We respect each other, our customers and our product. We focus on building trust through transparent and honest communications. We create inclusive working environments, where all employees are listened to and valued for their individuality. We treat each other, and all our partners, in the same considerate way that we would wish to be treated ourselves.


We value and encourage creativity. We recognise that creativity exists in many forms, with ideas brimming at every level, from “shoot for the moon” ambitions, right down to our daily work. Creativity can often mean simply looking at things in a different way and our collaborative culture allows us to build on ideas and continually improve the work that we do. We make sure that everyone at Apartments in Town has the time, space and tools to progress ideas with imagination and passion. We are always ready to act with courage, challenging our ideas and learning from our processes when we need to go back to the drawing board.


We strive to maintain and build on our standards, proving and cementing our reputation for reliability. We each feel responsible for the collective success and progress of our global team and take accountability for our actions and outputs. We are dependable and can be trusted to ensure the safety and success of our properties. We take pride in our work, ensuring the service and product we deliver are exceptional and completely reliable.


We understand that there is power in individuals but believe there is a much greater power in collaboration and teamwork. We seek to create engaging and inclusive workplaces, where everyone has the freedom to speak up and listen to each other with an open mind.